Why I Started Writing

August 7th, 2017

I guess it all started when I was about 10, or 11 years old – that’s when I wanted to start writing. I think my parents thought I was crazy. What kid at that age says “I want to write full-length books” and actually sticks with it? But in looking back at it, that was it. That’s when I knew I was going to be a writer – and not many people get to be passionate about something like that, so young, and actually follow through with it. Well, now its been 16 years since I started, and I’m a lot wiser for it.

I started not necessarily because of books, but because of movies. I know it sounds strange that a writer wasn’t inspired by other “writers” per say, but rather in films. At the time, I think I liked seeing how a story played out visually because I was too young to understand the concept of big-time authors, along with their vocabulary, and what it all meant – or how to make sense of it. It got me into the basics at a young age, like character emotion, the climax of a story, plot twists, and a soundtrack to write to. I started building my collection of music based on the movies that inspired me, and now, there’s almost too much. (Who am I kidding – too much music? That’s cute.)

In my journey, what I would have never been prepared for was the amount of hard work it would take. Not only to write a story and make it make sense, but then to find an editor in my teens with the budget of a hostess at a restaurant, to have my wits about me and not get ripped off (which happened on more than one occasion), and then try to get published by a big brand-name publisher. After years of research, disappointment, and dishonesty from finding my way through a freelancing sea of people, I found out that wasn’t going to happen. I’ve entered countless contests to never win (but I really don’t win at much – even baby shower games). It wasn’t going to be that easy. The life of a self-publisher was not going to be a glamorous one, and still isn’t, but in the end I believe it will be the most rewarding when it works out.

Winning, getting famous, having a huge following; none of it was the reason why I started. I started because I wanted to, and I enjoyed doing it, and maybe after years of experience trying to get better I eventually did. Perhaps not in open forum like this, but in a structured story – you’ll have to read them to believe me. I’ll continue to write because of the why, and if perhaps I get some luck along the way, or good fortune finds me, it will be an added bonus, but not the only destination.

Whatever your dream may be, or the craft you’re pursuing, don’t seek it for the wrong reasons, and don’t do it because you feel you “have” to. Do everything because you want to, and because you enjoy doing it. Life doesn’t give you moments to waste on everything else outside that spectrum.


L.K. Wyman



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