Dear Kids: Post #8

Saraloni: Lucy, our Dalmatian, started limping today. And while I don’t believe it’s anything serious, it still makes your dad and I feel bad. Her paw looks fine, and she doesn’t whimper or growl when you touch her leg, so it’s tough to say why she’s limping at all. We’re wondering if she slept on…

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Dear Kids: Post #7

Saraloni: One thing you’ll dream about when you’re older, if we don’t win it when you’re a baby (and I like to say “if” because I believe if you wish for something hard enough, and really believe it could happen to you, that maybe the universe wouldn’t mind working in your favor one day), is…

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Reading Expedition

Over the past year or so, I’ve contemplated not writing anything in my actual book that I’m working on – and for a writer, it seems almost insane to think that I couldn’t touch my project for that amount of time. I mean, I’ve already done that (unintentionally) from being pregnant and getting ready to…

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Dear Kids: Post #6

Saraloni: Morning Update: Yesterday was the first day I dropped you off at daycare. Thankfully, you didn’t cry when they picked you up and held you; you were still your smiley little self, which made it easier to leave you… for about two mili-seconds. I think the hardest part was turning around, and then shutting…

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Dear Kids: Post #5

Saraloni: So much has happened in 2017 so far; both before you were born, and after, and at times it makes me fear the world you’re growing up in. Not that I can imagine it’s been any different for your grandparents generation, or even you’re great grandparents for that matter. There’s always some current event…

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Dear Kids: Post #4

Saraloni: Like I’ve said before, your dad and I weren’t sure with kids at first. Once we decided it was something we wanted, and then we had you, we knew we wanted more kids. Now, your dad has five siblings, and I have two. We always talked about just having two kids – if we…

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Dear Kids: Post #3

Saraloni: Last night was the first night I cried in front of you. I mean, I’ve cried in front of you before – but that’s when you were only a week or two old, and my hormones made me feel like my life was falling apart. (Happens to everyone). I won’t go into the details…

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Odette: A Retelling of Swan Lake

My book “Odette: A Retelling of Swan Lake” is available on via paperback! I hope you enjoy it in advance 🙂 Book Blurb: After the apprehension of King Stephen’s murderer, a malevolent sorcerer named Rothbart, was sentenced to banishment by King Wolfe, both a friend and kind, forgiving ruler. While sending the madman off to…

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Dear Kids: Post #2

Saraloni: Our little family pictures – It’s crazy to think that you’ll never be this small again, or how your dad and I will never be this young again, but we’ll always have these to look back and remember it. Our little immortalized piece of time. Photos by: Meg Brooke Photography (Local to Arizona)

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Dear Kids: Post #1

Saraloni: Our First Baby When I think back to the day you were born, your dad and I have tried to remember what our lives were like before that, and I have one answer for you – boring. Aside from learning more about your dad and me, I want you to know more about how…

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